Randeep Sarai

Your member of parliament for

Surrey Centre

Randeep Sarai

Your member of parliament for

Surrey Centre


Canada 150 Community Awards



To celebrate the historic event of Canada’s 150th birthday, MP Sarai will recognize exceptional members in our community at the Surrey Centre – Canada 150 Community Awards.


MP Randeep Sarai invites you to nominate an individual or organization that lives or works within the boundaries of the riding of Surrey Center. They should demonstrate excellence in our community in one of the following categories:
• Entrepreneurialism
• Leadership
• Service
• Law Enforcement
• Heroism
• Volunteerism

Special consideration will be given to individuals and organizations that represent and express actions of inclusivity and diversity, support the environment, and display key Canadian values such as justice, equality, inclusion and democratic stewardship.



The winners for the Canada 150 Community Award have been chosen! We would like to congratulate everyone who took the time to apply, as we did have an outstanding number of applicants overall. Every persons’ passion and contribution to their community is widely appreciated, and it is this kind of outstanding work that makes me proud to be able to represent Surrey-Centre. Once again, a big congratulations to the 30 award recipients!

Here are the winners per category:

For Entrepreneurialism, the winners are:

For Leadership, we would like to congratulate:

For Outstanding Service, the award winners are:

For the Law Enforcement category, the winners are:

For Heroism, the winners are:

And lastly, the awards for Volunteerism were given to: